District of Arizona CJA Representative:
Laura Conover

Phone: 520-448-3098
Email: laura@conoverlawpllc.com

District of Arizona Back-up CJA Representative:
Denise Aguilar

Phone: 480-759-1100
Email: deniseaguilar@me.com

The Criminal Justice Act provides for the appointment of private lawyers to a panel of attorneys that the court appoints to represent indigent defendants in criminal cases. CJA attorneys are generally appointed when there is a conflict of interest within the Federal Public Defender's Office. CJA attorneys are experienced in criminal law and must be particularly knowledgeable about Federal criminal statutes and procedures. Their representation is free of charge to defendants who qualify for court-appointed counsel.

Each district has a  CJA Panel Attorney District Representative (pdf), selected from among the members of the CJA panel, with the approval of the chief judge.

CJA Panel Attorney District Representatives

  • lead their district CJA panel
  • attend the annual National Conference of CJA Panel Attorney District Representatives
  • serve as liaison between the CJA panel and the federal defender organization, the court and the AO’s Office of Defender Services
  • comment on proposed legislation relating to the CJA
  • work toward improving the quality of representation as well as the conditions under which panel attorneys provide representation.

Guides to Judicial Policy

Guide to Judicial Policy, Vol 7A
Ch.1: Overview,
Ch.2: Appointment & Payment of Counsel,
Ch.3: Authorization & Payment for Investigative, Expert or Other Services,
Ch.5: Disclosure of Information on CJA-Related Activities, and
Ch.6:Federal Death Penalty and Capital Habeas Corpus Representations

Guide to Judicial Policy, Vol 7A, 10/2011 Revisions